Adam Sledd

Never Again

When I was a boy, I stole a package of pistachio-flavored pudding mix from the kitchen cabinet and took it to my bedroom. I ate it in that delightful, horrible clandestine way in which stolen goods are consumed. I ate the entire box. It made me sicker than a dog, and I vomited green pudding mix

Innovation in Recovery | The Fix

My March 6 article, “Innovation in Recovery” was published by The Fix; and per the terms of my agreement with them, I cannot publish it here for 30 days. In the meantime, here is a link!   Innovation in Recovery | The Fix.

Here’s What I Think

It occurred to me today that I have been applying for jobs recently, and in the header of my CV is the URL to this website. I decided a long time ago that, if I was going to have this site, that I would not hide it. That defeats the purpose. One of my co-workers

I Am, I Will (Daily Affirmations)

I am a fully operational, functioning person. I am self-efficient and self-directed. I am capable of determining my needs and seeking to meet them. I will make use of help when it is available. I will make do, in spite of, with or without. I will move over, under, and if necessary, through. I am unstoppable.

Self-Directed Recovery

This week, I left the 12-step fellowship to which I had belonged for the first three years of my recovery. If you have read my blog up to this point, you can pretty much follow my evolution through my writings; my struggle with, and eventual rejection of the basic tenets of the 12-step program. There is great

Applications of Education in Treatment and Recovery

Models and Outcomes Substance use disorder is a multi-faceted and complex problem. Accordingly, there are influences from many models at work in the ways that we treat addiction and the ways that we view recovery. Much of our thinking is expressed by models, each of which has its own merits. Ideally, these models would complement each

The Luxury of Mediocrity

Probably the most intimidating thing about recovery is its reputation as a seemingly monumental task. Since the early part of the 20th century, when a fledgling program for alcoholics declared the ultimate goal of recovery to be a spiritual awakening gained by living according to a rigorous program, overcoming addiction has come to be synonymous with total life transformation. I was told,

Meeting Makers Make Meetings

In 2012, William White interviewed William Miller of Motivational Interviewing fame, and published most of the conversation in an abridged Q & A format. Miller expounds on a number of topics, one of which examines the influence of AA on recovery outcomes. Miller says in part: There is a common belief that people who discontinue attending AA are

Attainable Recovery

Are you in recovery? Recovering? Or are you recovered? What is the difference? According to, a concordance of the Big Book of Alcholics Anonymous, the word “recovered” appears twenty times in the first 164 pages, the heart of the book that remains unchanged since 1935 and the section that is treated by adherents as